Summer Reading Library Programs


2023 Summer Reading theme “All Together Now.” Al's newly written musical program Let's Be KIND is a perfect fit and will emphasize kindness and empathy through interactive original songs. The books We Are Together by Britta Teckentrup and Have You Filled A Bucket Today by Carol McCloud will be used. 

2023 Summer Reading theme “Find Your Voice.” Through original music Al's program will emphasize the uniqueness, power and beauty of our individual and collective voices. The goal is to help children understand that their voice matters and the positive changes they can make in the world. The book Your Voice Matters by Lauren Taylor will be used as well as my newly written songs One Strong Voice, Think Big and When We're Together.

Music For Little Superstars with Al deCant at the Library!

Ages Birth to Five

Music for Little Superstars with Al deCant is a Highly Interactive Music & Movement Program that is and has been enjoyed by hundreds of families. Children and their caregivers will sing, clap, dance, march and play a variety musical instruments including ukulele and the celo. 
As a former educator, I am interested in the whole child, and see music as the instrument (pun intended) to promote development in music aptitude, pitch, melody, rhythm, as well as language, imagination, motor skills, cultural awareness and creative expression. 


Enthusiasm is catching!

Al deCant’s concerts for schools, libraries, and preschools are high quality children’s entertainment at its best. Al is a critically acclaimed concert performer and educator from Connecticut who has entertained and educated thousands of young people through his programs of music and storytelling. Al’s music and Social Emotional themes are being used in schools and classrooms throughout Connecticut. Parents, teachers, and children immediately respond to the catchy tunes and lyrical wit of this veteran singer/songwriter/educator.  Al’s original comic and soulful songs are enjoyed as much by adults as they are by children. And yes, Al is a former Elementary School Principal.

 Elementary Schools & Libraries



Rockin' & Reading with Pete the Cat!

“Rockin’ and Reading with Pete the Cat!” (K-2) (3-5)

“Rockin’ and Reading and Pete the Cat!” is a highly interactive musical performance that promotes the joy of reading and empowers kids to discover their own potential for becoming life long readers. Al’s spirited performance is packed with toe tapping music, great stories, and heaps of audience participation that celebrate the reading experience for children of all ages. Working with Eric Litwin, the author of the first four Pete the Cat books, Al will bring Pete and his adventures from Rocking in My School Shoes and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons to life while strumming out Pete’s very cool and groovy songs on his guitar. Songs from Al’s CDs, "MetaMorphosis", "This Little World" and "WE ARE C.A.R.I.N.G." as well as a bunch of newly written music will be featured.

Social/Emotional LET'S BE KIND School and Library Assembly (K-2) (3-5)

Al can also present LET"S BE KIND with Pete the Cat

With Al’s vast experience working with elementary school children, his shows are second to none.  Al’s Social Emotional LET"S" BE KIND School Assembly will bring  excitement and high energy together for a lively, interactive performance for children, teachers and families.  The message and content for this Social Emotional school performance will differ according to the grade levels attending the show.  Al’s performance uses original interactive songs and stories that encourage students to think about how they relate and treat one another and to consider the effects of their actions.  In this program children will sing along, laugh, and reflect on how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes. Cooperation, communication, tolerance and empathy are the key ingredients in this performance.

Al will also also present the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today and perform his song "Fill It Up".                 "My goal for this Social/Emotional assembly is for children to come away with a better understanding of themselves and promote respect for others regardless of their differences."


Elementary School or Library Family Night - Pre K – Grade 5

This is an opportunity to invite the entire school community to come together for a really outstanding evening of high quality family entertainment.  With Al’s vast experience working with elementary school children, your Family Night will be an evening to remember. The message and content for a school performance will differ according to the grade levels attending the show. Al presents kid tested original upbeat interactive songs and stories which encourage students to think about how they interact with one another, nature and the environment. Themes for Family Night can be customized to meet your needs and interests. One popular theme is the Literacy PAJAMA JAM Night!  Children come in their pajamas, robes, slippers; they can bring a pillow or a teddy bear and of course their favorite book! Al provides your school with all the necessary information to send home to parents as well as reading incentive ideas to make this a meaningful and memorable event. 


Preschool Concerts

Al’s gentle and playful energy will capture the attention of your preschoolers.  Al’s preschool visits are fast paced and filled with age appropriate music, movement and laughter.  Al will keep your preschoolers engaged and entertained with traditional favorites and kid tested original songs.  They’ll delight in sharing their ABC's and many of their newly acquired skills and concepts they have learned in preschool. 

 Al can also perform an interactive literacy program featuring Pet the Cat, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the Very Busy Spider to mention a few.

The Learning Grove/Music for Little Superstars Music Classes

These Movement & Movement Classes are a fresh new choice from other music and movement programs for children 2 to 5 years old.  With all new original songs and some traditional favorites The Learning Groove/Music for Little Superstars is a program guaranteed to delight children and their families.  The Learning Groove/Music for Little Superstars classes are not only tons of fun for young children but a means to enhance their overall social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. The Learning Groove/Music for Little Superstars believes that all children are musical and can learn to play a variety of rhythms and yes, even sing in tune.  Our goal is to promote a love of music, develop coordination, rhythm, and self-confidence.

Mr. Al can perform at your child's birthday party!


Families will sing, dance & laugh together with an Interactive Music Performance by Mr. Al.  Each performance is 40-45 minutes. Mr. Al will bring along his guitar, shaker eggs, rhythm sticks & lots of other instruments and props to make your child's birthday an unforgettable event. Fun for the entire family! 

There are three types of performances available: 

Music Class Style; 20 children or less; with shakers, rhythm sticks, parachute, silk scarves, puppets, and a plethora of other props.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          More than 25 children with small PA and all the goodies.

Concert Style; any number of children. Using a state of the art Bose PA, Mr. Al uses a wireless system for vocals and guitar giving him complete freedom to mingle and interact with the audience.